Thursday, November 28, 2013

Frozen: A New Low For Cinema?

*Warning! This contains spoilers!*

            As with most Disney movies, I saw the new release the moment I got the chance. In this case, the new release was Frozen. Now I was worried that it wasn’t going to live up to the standards of other Disney classics. One reason being that they chose Christophe Beck as composer. This is the same… illustrious… composer who composed the score to The Hangover. Not the best credentials to have I suppose, but I was willing to give him a chance. After all, sometimes the scores are only awful because they have to match the movie. Gabriel Yared composed a masterful score to Troy, but because the movie was subpar the score was thrown out in favor of a much less impressive score from James Horner. So even though I was worried, I still came in hoping for the best. What I got was the worst movie experience of the year.
I’m sure you’re wondering why it was so bad that I deemed it the worst of the year (at least of the movies I’ve experienced this year). Well, that’s gonna take a lot of time to go over, but I’ll go over some of the most important reasons that leap to my mind.
Before we even go into Frozen though, let’s talk about the short preceding it. This was of course Get a Horse. We all know that was an expression very common back in the day when cars were very unreliable (and people didn’t know a lot about them). The movie starts with Mickey and co. riding down an old dirt road on a horse-drawn hay wagon when Pete drives up in a car. What ensues is road rage, extreme violence, and sexuality. Pete tries to capture Minnie because while he was gawking at her, Mickey put a busty cow in his view. Then Pete and Mickey and co. get into a complicated fight which ultimately culminates in Pete having a pitchfork thrust up his rear and then hammered in deeper by a falling car. This… climatic sequence is repeated on numerous occasions until eventually the apparent wannabe rapist Pete is impaled and beaten silly. The short then ends. Now maybe I’m just an old-fashioned stiff, but the wannabe rapist, anally penetrated Pete and highly sexualized busty cow didn’t seem like good characters to include. Of course, without them there wasn’t any point to the short. I guess you can judge for yourself what kind of cartoon it was, but I thought it was highly inappropriate for a movie that’s meant to be enjoyed by adults and kids alike.
So on to Frozen itself. Let’s start with the lighter complaints: music and singing. Disney has consistently had the highest tier of singer for its princesses (opera singers primarily). This changed with Brave, Tangled, and Princess and the Frog. But this being said, Princess and the Frog and Tangled had inferior scores and songs to the early Disney classics. Frozen has singers that, quite frankly, don’t cut it. Not only are they not quality singers like Jodi Benson, but they can’t even cut it for their own songs. You literally struggle to hear them over the instruments that are playing during the songs they sing. Needless to say this should never happen in a song unless it was actually the intent of the singer. Moreover, the singers sometimes practically give up on singing altogether and just shout. There’s a duet of the sisters in particular that I’m referring to (For The First Time in Forever (Reprise)). Then there’s the fact that the songs themselves are lamentably uninspired, rushed, and poorly executed. They tried so hard to cram songs in that the songs include lines that would be far better left out of the song. One phrase in particular leaps to mind in the song Do You Want to Build a Snowman?. A rejected and lonely Anna sings the line “Okay. Bye.” It sounds emotionless and awkward. If she just spoke the line rather than singing it, the line would have a significant emotional impact on the audience. As they have it, however, it had none. And last, but not least of all these catastrophic musical disasters is this: the animation and audio quality did not match the songs. This is most evident in the song Let It Go. The words don’t match the lip movement, and the audio sounds out of place.
Now on to the story… where do I even begin? Well, I guess an excellent place would be the beginning. These Scandinavian people (who don’t really look Scandinavian) have a princess with great powers. But due to her inability to properly harness this power, she nearly kills her little sister. The king and queen take both sisters to some wise trolls who heal the little girl and then warn the parents that the powers will grow. They tell them that if she doesn’t learn to control them, there will be grave consequences. The trolls then explain that fear will be her enemy. It can hinder her ability to cope with these powers. These wise and caring parents come to the brilliant conclusion that it’s a good idea to completely seclude the princess from everyone. Of course it never occurred to them that this might cause her to be more fearful than ever. Some people just aren’t that bright I guess. Get this. They even seal off the castle. Don’t ask me how supplies, emissaries, waste, etc are taken to and from the castle. And of course this doesn’t draw any suspicion or anything either. Some people are just really stupid I guess. Then the parents leave the two fearful, confused children on their own (with no precautionary measures in place to help the cursed princess should they perish) while they go on a little cruise… and drown. Some people just weren’t born with brains at all I guess. This absurdity continues with Elsa (the ice queen) accidentally revealing her powers in front of a foreign dignitary from a small kingdom who then orders her own soldiers to arrest their own queen. I mean, do I really need to explain how stupid that is? The young princess then searches for her fleeing sister and leaves the kingdom in the charge of a young prince she has a crush on… rather than a trusted aid or prime minster or any other sort of government official. Guess Anna was born with the intellect of her dearly departed parents. There’s too much stupidity to go over in one review so I’ll just skip to the Deus ex machina conclusion of the conflict. After a typical Disney “love conquers all” moment, the curse of eternal winter (the winter was inexplicably determined to be eternal after about one night) is lifted by the ice queen who before was unable to remove it. How? They don’t really explain. They merely have her exclaim, “Of course! Love!” That makes no sense of course because she always loved her kingdom and her sister. If love is the cure then it would have never happened in the first place. Whatever.
On to the absurdity and terrible humor. Frozen was riddled with it. From the Duke of Weselton who dances like a chicken at a royal ball, to the unfortunate mistake that was the trolls, this movie was a painfully ridiculous movie. I guess we’ll start with the Duke of Weselton. He comes to a royal ball and insists on dancing with one of the sisters. His dance is an assortment of animal imitations. While the smallest children may find him highly amusing, most adults (at least those who have an IQ higher than the ice queen’s parents) will find it ludicrous. The trolls unfortunately were a pretty significant part of the movie. Their characters were not well introduced and they were sadly silly. I found myself cringing at the presence of these poorly developed comedy relief plot devices. Even the song they sing which is meant to be upbeat and catchy is not so. Don’t get me wrong. It is upbeat and fast-paced. But it’s not catchy and it’s certainly not memorable. It, like most of the movie, feels chaotic and rushed. There are so many more moments like these, but if I mentioned every dumb moment of the movie I’d be here for a few hours, so let’s just move on from here.
            Now my biggest complaint. The way women (and the ice queen in particular) were portrayed. There were only four women that had any prominence throughout the movie. Number one: the ice queen’s mother. Remember those really stupid parents I talked about earlier? She was one of them. And it was the father who did the talking, who spent the intimate moments with both the children, etc. She might as well not have been there. There’s the troll mother who embarrasses her son and generally acts like a harebrain. Then there are the two sisters Anna the princess and Elsa the ice queen. Anna is a ditz who falls in love with- and determines to marry- a guy she’s only known for a few hours. Elsa is a strong girl… who’s actually highly emotional and perpetually frightened like a mouse. But don’t worry. She later turns against the way she was raised and determines to stop being a good girl. She then proceeds to walk down the hall like a Victoria’s Secret model with a large slit in her dress deliberately placed to show as much leg as possible. Nearly all other women shown are intentionally made to be fat and unattractive. So what can we gather from this? Women are mostly undesirable, and those that are desirable are only desirable for their bodies… or raising your kids. Do you remember Beauty and the Beast? I remember Belle for being brilliant, beautiful, and brave. But hey, Anna and Elsa are both beautiful. One out of three ain’t bad, eh? *face palm*
            So, yeah, I was gonna compare this to a steaming mound of dog crap, but that’s just being cruel to the pile of dog crap. 1/5 stars.


  1. I watch the movie and I have to say the child in me enjoyed it. But the adult side was left with questions and doubts similar to yours. Especially with Elsa's character whom I found the most interesting, but like you, I thought her transformation and ability to quickly control her power didn't make much sense. I think if they had shown more of Elsa's struggle with her power and explored her character further, it may explain a lot. But I think, for the producers, that would be adding too much to the movie that mostly concentrated on Anna's character. With so much positive buzz about this movie, finding a less positive review is definitely refreshing. I'm glad someone else out there has the same doubts as me. :)

  2. Maybe it wasn't that bad but I agree, the plot was just stupid like you said, espically the stupid twist with the prince they came up with in the last minute. Tangled, Brave and Princess And The Frog movie were much better. it's a cabron copy of mostly Tangled but also Brave, Princess And The Frog, Up, Enchanted and Wreck It Ralph.

    1. Again, very weak and disappointing movie with a shallow and stupid plot that doesn't make any sense. it had lots of potential.
      The soundtrack ir awful, except Let It Go all the songs are horrible.
      They just ripped off the plot of Brave with sister issues insted of mommy issues and the romance of Enchanted (heroine falls in love with a prince, meets another guy and find out that the other guy is her true love, only in Enchanted it was well done and in Frozen it's very shallow, it's wrong that Anna fell in love with Hans in a few hours but when she fell in love with Kristoff in a few hours it's okay).
      They just made it to sell merchandise (more of Olaf for some reason then Anna and Elsa) and to add more Princesses to the Disney Princess line.
      What did you though of Enchanted, Brave, Princess And The Frog and Tangled?

    2. I never actually saw Enchanted. But I enjoyed Brave and Tangled. Princess and the Frog I didn't care for. It wasn't as bad as Frozen obviously, but it wasn't worthy of Disney in my opinion.

    3. I really recommend Enchanted, it's one of my favorite movies and Giselle is one of my favorite Disney Princesses, Alan Manken composed the soundtrack. I think you'll enjoy it.
      Tangled is my favorite animated movie with The Little Mermaid and Brave is my favorite Pixar movie, Finding Nemo and Ratatouille comes after it.
      I personally loved Princess And The Frog despite that it's not as good as The Little Mermaid or Beauty And The Beast. I would say that Mulan or Tarzan aren't worthy of Disney but Chicken Little and Hunchback Of Notredame are the worst.

    4. Interesting. I think Mulan is one of Disney's best. Hunchback of Notre Dame too I thought was really good. That being said, I have to agree with you about Tarzan and Chicken Little.

    5. I liked Mulan but I think it's not as good as Little Mermaid or Beauty And The Beast and Mulan herself is less intersting Princess then Ariel or Belle despite that I liked her. I was also offended by how men were portrayed in the movie, all the men were portrayed as ugly and disgusting including Mulan's friends. Shang, her father and the Empire weren't like that but even they put their ego first and underestimate her. isn't that offensive?.
      At least it's better then Frozen.
      I thought that Pocahontas was better.

      I hated the vulgar humor and some bad characters in Hunchback Of Notredame. maybe Quasimudo is relateable to some people but they wanted the audience to pity him, not to relate to him. also they tried to say that he's not worthy of romance. I thought it's their worst animated movie. I didn't liked Roger Rabbit either. Brother Bear and was also really bad.

      In Tarzan the animation is stunning (Glen Keane) and soundtrack is good since it was Phill Collins but those are the only good things I can say about it. The delusional "love" story makes Twilight realistic. Brother Bear is worse, the soundtrack isn't even that good.

      Lilo and Stitch and Bolt were good. I actually liked Lilo And Stitch better then The Lion King.

    6. @Nadav it didn't rip off Brave whatsoever. If anything, Brave was a rip off of Brother Bear with Mommy Daughter issues.

      Still, Brave is my favorite Disney Movie, and I don't really care. Frozen was soooo not a rip off of Brave though.

    7. (Warning! spoilers to both Brave and Frozen!)
      The only thing Brave and Brother Bear have in common is that both have a character that turns into a bear and realize their mistakes, that's pretty much it.

      I'm pretty sure that Elsa don't have a love interest because they saw how popular Merida is. Both Elsa and Merida accidently curse their sister/mother and in the climax the spell becomes irreversible, they cry over their sibling and their love removes the spell.
      Maybe it's not as close like the love story in Enchanted but I see some resemblance.

      Brave is Pixar by the way, even though they are part of Disney. It's my favorite Pixar movie too.

    8. (Also spoilers)
      The main character was Anna though. Who ended up with her little bf. Both her and Elsa having love interests would be kind of over doing it.

      And I don't think Anna's curse is comparable to transforming her into a bear. In the original tale, the snowqueen cursed people with frozen shards in their eyes to no longer see beauty in the world, and their heart, to no longer love. It was completely relevant to the original story.

      Also, I think the crying thing is just becoming a trend. Rapunzel cried over Flynn and saved him too. And Belle did that and saved the Beast.

    9. Both Elsa and Anna are the heroines, even though it was more about Anna, and in Enchanted, Giselle is the heroine, Nancy isn't that important to the plot but she also got a love interest.

      I meant that how Anna was cursed was a bit similar, that's true that it's like how Rapunzel cried over Flynn and Belle cried over the Beast.

      That's another problem I have with the movie, it barely has anything to do with the fairy tale it's based on, there are similarities but not even the core of the story like Princess And The Frog for example. I liked how they made Greda into Anna and made her a princess and combined the Snow Queen and Kai into one character but it should have been more about the journey to find Elsa and it lost it. Anna's curse should have been that she can't feel, not turning her into ice and Elsa should have been emotionally frozen by her fears and Anna should have unfreeze her but it wasn't like that. I didn't noticed the servants that are called Greda and Kai, were where they?.

  3. Okay, well I completely disagree with this. Including the mickey scene. Personally, I thought the scene was stupid, but saying "noo, it has a horrible influence on the children, he's a rapist etc" is completely forgetting how common that plot is in old cartoons. Pepe le pew stalks and kidnaps the cat. In Popeye, Bruno kidnaps Penelope. And in mickey mouse, Pete kidnaps Mini. And it's not like it happened only once in each cartoon. And if you're saying that's too vulgar for children, maybe it's the sensitivity to cartoons that's changed. (Hell, there's an old gif of mickey poking holes through cheese wedges with a boner. If that's not too vulgar for a modern day cartoon, idk what is..)

    With the music, it's really to each his own. If you didn't like it, I don't really blame you. I hated Snow White's and a few Alice in Wonderland's songs though I really loved those movies. In frozen I thought the "okay bye" was unexpected but cute, but I didn't like Elsa and Anna's duet. I thought it was too mixed up, and agree with you there where the music overpowered some of the words. The rest of the songs I thought were great, especially the troll song. I thought it was catchy, and had a good message.

    About the stupidity of the Kingdom, and their parents (who you're right about, they totally caused Elsa's fear..), the random plot-holes, those are in almost EVERY Disney movie. In Hercules, why did no one notice a gawky little teen could lift a freaking pillar (let alone that a baby could lift a house)? Why was no one aware how ridiculous THAT was? His parents knew, but everyone else just kind of acted like it was normal, and hated him for breaking things in the process. "Wow, you lifted a 20000000 lb pillar and broke everything... Jerk." really? Also Hades, being the GOD of the underworld. How did he not know Hercules was still alive? In Aladdin, the whole problem throughout Jasmine's side of the story was that she had to marry a Prince. But the law was the law, set in stone, stated that not even the sultan can change that. Until the solution is suddenly, OH well, he can now, no problem... In Brave Merida brought her bear mom back into the castle. Why? She took all that effort to get her out. Sneaking her around the castle took up a lot of time in the movie as a whole. It's not like her mom could have sewn the tapestry together, and she could have easily waited outside while Merida went to get it. Just saying there are plot holes in EVERYTHING.

    And then you complained that the two princesses were pretty, and the rest were ugly. There were random side characters that were okay looking, on the streets. The rest of the girls in the movie were definitely not collectively fat or ugly. And seriously, they're Disney Princesses. Of course they're going to be pretty. In Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, the princesses were the only ones who were pretty, but somehow only Frozen is guilty of this pro-attractive bias?

    1. About the Mickey short, I think it was stupid anyway, and the cow isn't sexual?.

      About the plot holes, you are comparing minor details in Brave or Aladdin to the big plot holes of Frozen? the plot of Frozen doesn't make ANY sense. Why Elsa has those powers in the first place? why Anna's memories had to be removed? why Anna was locked away as well? why it took Anna almost a day to find Elsa's castle but Hans found it in a few minutes?.

      In Frozen, there are a few peasent girls who are pretty but not as pretty as Elsa or Anna. In The Little Mermaid or Tangled, or any other Disney Princess movie there are female peasents or other characters like Ariel's sisters or Mother Gothel who are just as beautiful as the Princess.

      I though that Elsa was the only character with depth, Anna was very generic. Olaf is Mater from Cars and I hate how all the posters and ads focus on him. Maximus was a much better character then Sven.

      About their expressions, I disagree, they restrained Elsa's and Anna's expressions to make them pretty and princessy, not as realistic as Ariel or Belle.

    2. Ohh, I didn't realize the plot hole about why Anna needed her memories removed. I guess I just assumed that forgetting how it happened kept it from progressing. Because it didn't cure her, she still had that white strip in her hair until Elsa thawed her at the end. And I don't think Hans found the castle in a few minutes. Maybe in a few hours but maybe it was implied that the wolf chase threw Anna and Kristoff way off their trail. Kristoff and Anna had to go hike to the troll's place too, so it worked that Hans and Elsa got back to the castle before they did. And, yeah I wondered why Anna was locked away too. I didn't get that.

      But about the other movies having plot holes... There were many other plot holes in those movies I talked about, I only mentioned a few. I thought the one about the sultan in Aladdin was a HUGE plot hole, but to each his own. About the prettiness of side characters, in the little mermaid, all of Ariel's sisters were princesses too. And I completely disagree on young Mother Gothel being pretty, I thought she was ugly, haha..

      And HOW do you think Elsa had depth!? She had nothing! She just hid from everyone and ran away. She didn't talk to Anna for 12 years. Then the first time they finally talk again, she runs away. Anna finds her and Elsa kicks her out. Then they capture her and she tries to run away again.. I was actually really mad about how bad her character was. All she has is her looks and her ice powers. Let it go was amazing, but she really needed more...

      About their expressions, what do you mean? Anna's expressions were SO cute!! My favorites were when she sings, "I could be noticed by someone" (in for the first time in forever). When she throws the carrots at Kristoff and tries to be all intimidating, saying, "We leave.. NOW. right now." In the sleigh when she says "I just thought, maybe she has a thing about dirt!". When she jumps off the mountain and says, "That was like a crazy trust exercise.". And when she gets Kristoff a sleigh and looks back and forth at them. She's sooo adorable!! Seriously! Anna was the best.

      Kind of as a side note, yeah, haha.. Maximus really annoyed me... I really hate those blunt "look at me I'm so random for no reason" moments, and that was his appeal. I cringed pretty hard when he grabbed the wanted sign and shredded it up with his teeth.. And when he was sniffing the ground like a dog. I'm cringing just writing this. It's a pet peeve thing. I liked Sven's subtleness much better.

      (also I had to write this twice.. sorry if it's wording is off, with a hint of anger. I was really mad about hitting the "sign out" button instead of "publish")

    3. My bad, I meant Hans found the castle in a few hours, not minutes.
      I don't think it was explained, it took Anna and Kristoff half a day to get there. also how Hans knew where the castle was? Kristoff seemed to be the only person who knew because he knows the mountains. but Hans and Elsa arrived to the Arendelle castle first because Anna and Kristoff went to the trolls.
      Elsa always loved her kingdom and Anna so why all of a sudden love removed the winter?.

      About Aladdin, the Sultan wanted Jasmine to get married, he didn't said that he can't change the law. and about Brave, Merida thought that she needed to put the tapestry on Elionr so she had to come with her, it's not really a plot hole.

      Yes, Ariel's sisters are princesses too, what I meant is that Ariel is the heroine and she's also a Disney Princess in their line. I thought she was beautiful, beauty is subjective. the dust cleaner or the Bimbetts in Beauty And The Beast are just as beautiful as Belle for example.

      I liked how she learned to be more true to herself, but you have a point, she chose to stay with pain and ignore her problems. Anna had depth because she chose to see beyond her pain and find happiness. even if she made bad choices. Like how she let her boyfriend run the kingdom insted of a goverment official like how Stephen pointed out in his review, even without the twist in the end (which I hated) it's too much to drop on him, he doesn't even know the kingdom or how she went looking for her sister in the wilderness, in the snow in a sleeveless ball gown. I didn't liked how she's "OMG!!!! SO not that boring, typical Disney Princess even though she really is".
      Yes, that's I liked those expressions too but it's not like how Ariel or Rapunzel are animated. What I mean is look at the argument between Elsa and Anna before Elsa reveals her powers, even when Anna is yelling out of anger she doesn't look angry, just really sad. or in Let It Go, Elsa looks calm, not that she's letting her emotions out.

      I actually thought that Maximus was more subtle, I think he looks more realistic and still acts like a horse. Sven doesn't act like a reindeer really.

      It happened to me too, that's okay.

    4. In Looney Tunes it was a mockery of Frenchmen and the stereotype of their passion. He attempted to kiss and to “carry away his love”- believing that any unwillingness on her part was simply playing hard to get. He did not gawk at her assets and then kidnap her with clearly malicious intent. Neither did the hero make him stare at a busty cow’s boobs. I have not watched Popeye’s since I was a tiny boy, so I can’t really comment on them. As for that old gif, I can only say this. It’s probably not an actual Disney thing, but something that a strange and imaginative fan made. If it is Disney, then that is just stupid and vulgar and should never have been done. If that is the case, however, then it still doesn’t justify doing similar things today. Two wrongs don’t make a right.
      As for plot holes, I can only say this. None of the things you mentioned are actually plot holes. In Hercules all the townsfolk realized there was something special about him. But they didn’t see it as special. They saw him as a freak of nature. They didn’t know and they didn’t care how he got his strength. Because all he did with it was wreck things. They wanted as little to do with him as possible. As for Hades, why would he even bother to check? Zeus alerted all the gods that his baby was gone, and both his minions informed him that the baby was dead. He could have gone and checked with the Fates, but as far as he could tell there was no need. If I were in his shoes I wouldn’t have bothered either. As for Aladdin, there was never a time that anyone/anything stated the Sultan couldn’t change the laws. The Sultan just had too much respect for the laws of his ancestors (and, quite simply, was too simple-minded to want to change things). Only when things got terribly serious did he work up the resolve to change the laws. Not a plot hole, just a simple-minded character. In Brave, Merida wanted the mother to go with her so that the mother wouldn’t risk detection by herself. And so that she wouldn’t go all-out bear without Merida around to take care of her. And so that she could get the tapestry on Elinor as soon as possible. Not necessarily the brightest idea, but still not a plot hole.
      Almost all of them were ugly. The pretty ones were by far the exception. This is a common method of making the main character appear prettier by comparison. But they took it so much farther than normal. In Snow White there were only two girls that you ever see. Both were amazing beauties. The evil queen was the most beautiful woman in the world until Snow White came along. So literally every woman was beautiful in Snow White. In Cinderella almost every woman you saw was beautiful. The three that weren’t were the evil stepsisters and the evil stepmother. For instance, the women at the ball were all very pretty. In Sleeping Beauty the villain wasn’t attractive, and the three fairies weren’t attractive. But they were a bunch of old ladies. The mother was very attractive. And though you could not see them very well, the ladies in the crowd all seemed attractive enough. In Frozen it was very rare to see a beautiful woman. In fact though you got to see many faces in the crowd, there were only like two that were pretty.
      Just curious, what did you mean by Norwegian composers? You do realize that none of the composers or song writers are Norwegian, right? Christophe Beck had a Norwegian help him compose one piece, but he never worked on the film or for Disney. He worked for Christophe Beck- who is Canadian. And the songwriters are American.
      And I don’t get why you’re offended by my “low IQ” comment. It doesn’t matter whether it was for kids or not. Disney movies have consistently had material appreciable by people of all ages. So when they have a scene that only the least developed of the human race can appreciate, I see that as a problem. No low blow. When they advertise as a family movie for all ages, either make it for all ages or you leave yourself open to such criticisms.

    5. (I forgot to put it back in the first one I typed up q.q) But with Elsa, since her fear overpowered love throughout the movie, I understand why she never learned how to integrate love into her powers.

      About looks, and plotholes. Yeah, it was my bad, I even went to that scene because I could have sworn he literally said "even I as sultan can't change the law", but he just wanted her to get married. Still I thought it was a pretty big plot hole. And with Merida, she ended up taking it out of the castle and putting it on her mom anyway. It seems like she didn't even think about it. But she wasn't exactly meant a brightest character. If she was she would have been more specific about describing the spell to change her mom in the first place. And honestly, I think if there were more human side characters that there would be other pretty girls. But they were all mostly either male, or trolls. I think it was that they were just trying to make it so side characters weren't prettier than Anna. She was pretty, but pretty average looking for a disney princess. Her wardrobe, hair, everything besides her personality. She's incredibly overshadowed by Elsa as it is (despite even being the main character). If there was Elsa, shining in her glossy ice spotlight, AND beautiful side characters, Anna would be left in the dust princess-wise.

      Elsa didn't have as much emotion as Anna at all, but that's her personality, not an animation flaw. And she didn't look overly angry at that scene because Anna said she couldn't live like this anymore and Elsa said "Then leave" and you could see it hurt them both. When Anna keeps going you see Elsa get mad, her brows furrow pretty hard as she's walking away, and then reveals her powers. I really think that scene was supposed to emphasize more on the hurt Anna's been feeling all those years, then being angry that she didn't get the marriage blessing. But Anna's personality was super outgoing and had a huge range of facial expressions. Elsa was mostly a scared, calm, perfectionist.

      Also, Anna leaving Hans in charge of the castle is due to her too trusting, naive personality. She wanted to marry him, she had all the trust in the world for him. That was apart of her whole learning experience. I don't see why people disagree with it being part of the story. It's kind of like picking at how Rapunzel trusted Flynn when all she knew about him was that he was on a wanted poster. They're both princesses who were locked away their whole life, desprite for new experiences..

      I disagree that she was that kind of "Look at me Im not a normal boring Disney princess" because that was Elsa's job. To be the beautiful, boring Disney princess. Anna really wasn't a normal Disney princess. Besides singing and holding ducklings. She was basically lectured about love at first sight, and by no means had the typical Disney love. She didn't have overly dressed, beauty. Plus Kristoff ended up being a sweet, average joe. Unlike the "hot" princes in usual movies. Merida went wayyyy more off course as a non-typical Disney princess, but I don't think Anna was very typical either.

      And maximus was sooooo not subtle, haha. He had a freaking swordfight!! With Flynn holding a fryingpan! He tiptoed for christ's sake!! lol.. yeah.. And Sven was based off an actual reindeer. (i think i mentioned this already, sorry for being repetitive) but they actually brought a live reindeer to study their movements and actions, they really took a lot from it (like the reindeer scratching his ear with his hoof) and they put a bunch of it's movements into Sven.

    6. @sford
      I'm just going to address the subjects I'm not already in with Nadav.
      Pete gawking shouldn't be a problem, I'm sorry, but it shouldn't. It's in multiple mickey mouse scenes, popeye, tom and jerry, looney toons, etc. and those other ones I've mentioned. And the skunk still kissed and stalked the cat. Parody of the french, or not. It still happened. Plus Phil gawks at druids in Hercules pretty hard. I really don't think it's a big corruptible scheme. I think people these days are just terrified it's going to corrupt the kids. People make too big of a deal about it these days if you ask me.

      About the hercules plothole, Hades learned it was his fate to fail to Hercules. You think he'd at least check the bowl of souls before he trusted his two derpy minions.

      You mentioned in sleeping beauty the mother was the only other one who was attractive, and you can say the same in Frozen. They're mother was also attractive. But I wrote about my thoughts about this in my previous comment.

      About the music with Norse composers. For elsa's coronation, the producers traveled to Norway to record an all-female choir to use in that scene. They also had a Norse linguist assist with the lyrics for an Old Norse song for Elsa's coronation. And about Christoph Beck not working with Disney, uh, what? Christophe Beck personally helped them place the songs in order so it had a better flow, and here's what he contributed to the actual movie's soundtrack..

      Frozen (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
      No. Title Performer(s)
      1. "Frozen Heart" Cast of Frozen
      2. "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" Kristen Bell, Agatha Lee Monn, and Katie Lopez
      3. "For the First Time in Forever" Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell
      4. "Love is an Open Door" Kristen Bell and Santino Fontana
      5. "Let It Go" Idina Menzel
      6. "Reindeer(s) are Better Than People" Jonathan Groff
      7. "In Summer" Josh Gad
      8. "For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)" Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell
      9. "Fixer Upper" (featuring Maia Wilson) Cast of Frozen
      10. "Let It Go" Demi Lovato
      11. "Vuelie" (featuring Cantus) Christophe Beck
      12. "Elsa and Anna" Christophe Beck
      13. "The Trolls" Christophe Beck
      14. "Coronation Day" Christophe Beck
      15. "Heimr Àrnadalr" Christophe Beck
      16. "Winter's Waltz" Christophe Beck
      17. "Sorcery" Christophe Beck
      18. "Royal Pursuit" Christophe Beck
      19. "Onward and Upward" Christophe Beck
      20. "Wolves" Christophe Beck
      21. "The North Mountain" Christophe Beck
      22. "We Were So Close" Christophe Beck
      23. "Marshmallow Attack!" Christophe Beck
      24. "Conceal, Don't Feel" Christophe Beck
      25. "Only an Act of True Love" Christophe Beck
      26. "Summit Siege" Christophe Beck
      27. "Return to Arendelle" Christophe Beck
      28. "Treason" Christophe Beck
      29. "Some People Are Worth Melting For" Christophe Beck
      30. "Whiteout" Christophe Beck
      31. "The Great Thaw (Vuelie Reprise)" (featuring Frode Fjellheim) Christophe Beck
      32. "Epilogue" Christophe Beck

      Also, if Frozen can't have little snippets of adult humor, then it's not a family movie. At least not a good one. Every good family movie has those little jokes that all the parents laugh at, that just fly over the little kid's heads.

      Here's a link for you, it's actually pretty fun.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. When I was at the theater I heard 2 little girls dying of laughter at that chicken part. It's good to have some humor for the "really little ones" in a family movie. Only the adults laughed at the "foot size doesn't matter" line drop. I don't know what you're talking about when you say it's not for all ages. It's like a 10 second part, and it's being treated like it made the entire movie specifically for 3 year olds. It's also kind of stupid to allow specific adult humor and not specific kid humor. The movie has both. Most Disney and Pixar movies have both. I really don't know see the problem with that scene.

    9. Sorry that it’s taken me all this time to get back to you. I’ve been very busy. But- to the point. Gawking is not the problem. The fact that the subject of the stare is a close-up of a busty cow’s boobs is one of the things that irk me. What irks me even more is the fact that the good guy saw a peeping tom of a road rager and then placed a perfectly innocent bystander into the fray of this sexually tense road rage. Most of those things that you mentioned did not go so far as to give such close-ups or to make the good guy that one that put someone in harm’s way. I can tell you that when I was young I saw many of the things you mentioned, and I thought of it in an entirely different way than this cartoon displays it. The old cartoons would usually display the character as beautiful or simply take it for granted that you knew the character was meant to be beautiful; they usually refrained from displaying how sexually attractive the character in question was. This allowed me to think, “The character is beautiful, therefore the villain desires him/her.” Needless to say however, staring at a pair of boobs makes me think quite differently. And seeing as how premature sexual maturing (my mind is not remembering the actual term) is such a problem among children (and partially responsible for such a growth in the rate of teen pregnancies), I hardly think this helps.
      As for the plot hole in Hercules, again I would hardly call that a plot hole. Hades would have to check hundreds of millions of souls or talk to the Fates. Neither option would seem necessary as the two minions would confirm he was dead, and the whole realm of the gods was in chaos because the baby was stolen. I think it’s a stretch to call that a plot hole.
      Actually, I mentioned that the mother was pretty… and that most of the ladies in the crowd were usually fair to beautiful.
      Now for the music. You said composers. Not performers. The chorus in Norway is entirely irrelevant as they did not compose their own music. Mroeover, I never said Christophe Beck didn’t work for Disney. I said that he did, and the Norwegian composer who helped him didn’t (although, that being said, I really could have worded it in a less confusing manner- sorry for that). The Norwegian assisted Christophe Beck. But it was Christophe Beck who still actually composed the work and who actually worked for Disney.
      I never argued that cartoons can’t contain some adult humor. I said I object to something that is not appreciable by all ages. If the adult humor is implemented subtly then it can be appreciated by the adults and ignored by the kids. When the child’s humor comes at the expense of the parent’s enjoyment, then that is a problem. Even childish humor can be appreciated by adults, however. If they had simply gone through the effort of including childish-but-funny humor, I wouldn’t have minded.

    10. (Warning! spoilers to Frozen!)

      I understand that it took them longer to find Elsa's castle because of the wolfs but Elsa realizing all of a sudden that love is the cure is just lazy writing, she always loved her sister and the kingdom. if she said that she needs to get over her fears, she tried a few times and it didn't worked but because this time Anna was with her it did worked I could understand it but what they did didn't made any sense. I noticed in the script that one moment they are saying that she's cold and doesn't love anyone and then that she loved her family and the kingdom but afarid of her powers.

      About Aladdin, the Sultan never said that he can't change the law. about Brave, she thought that the guards might see Elinor, she thought it will be faster if Elinor would come with her insted of sneaking out of the castle again, it may not be a good plan but it's not a plot hole. and she should have been more specific about the spell but that doesn't make her stupid or anything, she was desperate and didn't think of it throught. you said you liked the movie so why would you say that about Merida?.

      I don't know, all the other Disney Princess movies had other beautiful women in the background but the heroine is always beautiful as well. Elsa doesn't already overshadow her with her beauty anyway?. and I think that Anna's desgin is generic and boring and she looks too similar to the other Princesses, Elsa has more unique but she also looks like other Princesses.

      Anna was angry about all the years of being ignored and you can hear it in Kristen Bell's voice but not in the animation, she just looks really sad. yes, the way Elsa moved her eyebrows was good but she didn't looked angry when she revealed her powers, see the clip with no volume and see what I mean:
      Anna also didn't looked angry when she yelled at Kristoff "It's TRUE LOVE!" when the wolfs chased them, just a bit annoyed, but you can hear the anger in her voice.

      There's a difference between Rapunzel trust Flynn after he proved himself like how he told her is real name and why he was a thief, she trusted him to take her see the lanterns and then she fell in love with him (and she gave him the satchel after he took her to see the lantern like they agreed) and between Anna giving Hans her entire kingdom and making him the rightful ruler, that's pretty stupid, even if he wasn't evil, that's too much responsibility to throw on him since he doesn't even know Arendelle. and no, when she wanted to marry him it wasn't stupid, she wanted to marry him because she really loved him. what about how she went looking for Elsa in the snow in a sleeveless ballgown? or she didn't even tried to call the servants when she was dying? or think of a way to get to Kristoff when Olaf saw him coming back?.

    11. They were both typical Disney Princesses, Anna had generic design and generic personality. she just wanted to get out of her home (like Rapunzel) and find a husband (like Snow White) and she was clumsy (like Mulan, at least Mulan was round and realistic, Anna just emberssed herself). did you saw Enchanted? (And if you haven't, I recommend it again, one of my favorite Disney movies) Giselle is a Disney Princess who fell in love and was going to marry Prince Edward, but when she was banished to New York she met Robert who's a divorce attorney he didn't believed in true love he questioned her about love at first sight but Giselle proved him she was correct about most things about love like she teachs him that he was to prove his girfriend that he loves her, she falls in love with him. she proves him that she's correct about most things but learns a few things as well, she learns that love takes time and ask Edward to go on a date. And in the end she chooses between Edward and Robert. Frozen is just a flat plot with a hypocrite message that it's horrible that Anna fell in love with Hans in a few hours but it's okay that she fell in love with Kristoff in just a few hours. Anna doesn't choose between Kristoff and Hans, the movie chooses for her by making Hans evil. Anna then says that she doesn't know what love is, Olaf tells her what love is because Anna can't think and decide by herself what love is and I think it's a bad message and a bad plot. at least she and Hans had chemistry, she and Kristoff were just "embarrassing". Anna doesn't learn anything and change. to be fair Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Mulan, Rapunzel, Tiana, Merida were also marketed as "so not the typical princesses!!!111" and I don't see why they say that one princess is better then everyone elsa, I'm getting tried of it. Giselle was based on every other princess before her and she was a lot more fresh. it's true that Merida wasn't typical but she did broke ground by how to story was about her and her family insted of romantic plot and she was the first princess with no love interest.

      I think that Maxium was also based on an actual horse, maybe it's because Sven is always panting like a dog. but I liked Sven, it's Olaf I less like because all the posters and merchandise focused on him insted of Elsa and Anna. he's also a copy of Mater from Cars.

      And I'm sorry but why the low toilet humor is "adult" humor? it's kids humor really, I actually hate this kind of humor, if the jokes are too vulgar or stupid I'll hate the movie even if the plot overall is good (But that's a very rare case, when the plot is bad, so is the humor). I didn't even thought about the "food size doesn't matter" joke like that, ugh, that's lame.
      The humor should appeal to all ages, I think that jokes like the duke's dancing or the scenes with the trolls is just dumb.

  4. Cont.

    I dunno. A big problem I actually had with the movie is how Elsa had no personality. Her personality was basically "Go away, I'm scared, I'll hurt you." and it makes me mad that she overshadows Anna on the internet. Her fear overpowered love, so I understand she didn't learn how to merge it with her powers, but her character was a dud. I thought Olaf was going to be much worse based on the trailer, but he ended up being okay. And I'm really glad they didn't screw up the Reindeer like they did to the horse in Tangled. I like how the two servants (though unmentioned) were named Gerda and Kai like the original Snow Queen fairytale. I love how it took place in Norway and they actually tried to give it an authentic feel, with Norwegian composers, and how Kristoff resembled Scandinavian culture and wasn't just plopped in the movie for no reason. And overall, the animation quality was incredible. The facial expressions, voice acting. I really think it was a great movie despite it's certain downfalls.

    As a side note, I hated the parents, but it adds to the movie. If they made every character brilliant and loved with no flaws, it would be a total Mary Sue piece of crap. I'm glad they were able to give different emotions to each character.

    (And BY THE WAY I really don't appreciate your "low IQ" comment. That scene was obviously for the kids. I feel like it was pointed out as a low blow because it's not hard to tell which humor was meant for kids, and which was for the adults.)

  5. The more I get into the Frozen fandom, the more plot holes I find. I'm kind of starting to agree with this article...

    1. I'll be honest, there is a lot to like in Frozen. The animation was good, the humor was sometimes good, and it usually remained interesting and exciting (if you didn't think too deeply about it). But I'm glad you can see my point of view too. :)

    2. To be honest, I had very high expections from this movie, I thought it would be as good as Tangled or Wreck It Ralph without even watching it, I was wondering why Disney didn't really put much effort in the marketing and I was annoyed when comments on website bashed the movie that the animation is cheap and it looks a cabron copy of Tangled but when I saw the movie I realized that they were correct. And now it gets overpraised and made so much money when it really doesn't deserve it.
      Let's hope that Big Hero 6 will be better.

  6. wow that's amazing!! i never knew that!! :o

  7. How this movie made so much money and got an Oscar is beyond me, Tangled, Brave, Wreck It Ralph deserves it far more then Frozen and were far better then Frozen in any aspect, the most overrated animated movie. some people who liked it keep saying that the animation is good and that the songs are good but none of them talk about the story.
    This is one of the few Disney and Pixar animated films that I don't think I'll buy on DVD.

    *Spoilers warning!*

    So many plotholes, why Hans protected Elsa if he wanted to kill her? why he looked so much for Anna if he wanted to kill her?, how did he knew where Elsa's castle was? how the king and queen knew about the trolls?.
    Olaf, Kristoff, the trolls are all unnecessary characters that adds nothing to the plot.
    Anna is an idiot who only does what other people tells her to do, she falls in love with anyone she meets, she flirts with Kristoff despite that she's engaged to Hans. Elsa is a little more memorable but she also leaves her kingdom and her sister and don't even care about the consequences of what she did. how anyone can say that they are "progressive"? they are the least progressive princesses, it's just shows that all these people don't even bother to watch the other Disney Princess movies.
    They came up with the "twist" with Hans in the last minute, and what kind of a message is that? that love is dangerous? making hollow statements about how "You can't marry someone you just met but oh look! you just met this homeless ice seller! it's totally true love or something!!!!1111".
    The lyrics of the songs are so simplistic and have no depth at all.

    1. I absolutely agree. There's no reason this should have topped any of the of the earlier classics. The fact that it beat the Lion King and Toy Story 3 is simply appalling.

    2. I don't see the reason why it made so much money, it really is appalling that it made more money then ealier classics like The Little Mermaid or Beauty And The Beast and new classics like Tangled or Wreck It Ralph.
      I have no idea how it made more money then The Lion King.

      I just noticed how cheap are the lyrics, they rhymed "door" and "anymore" a few times:
      For The First Time In Forever:
      "The window is open, so's that door. I didn't know they did that anymore"
      The reprise:
      "Please don't slam the door. You don't have to keep your distance anymore"
      Do You Want To Build A Snowman?:
      "I never see you anymore. Come out the door"
      Let It Go:
      "Let it go, let it go, can hold it back anymore. let it go, let it go, turn away and slam and the door"
      Love Is An Open Door:
      "We don't have to feel it anymore, love is an open door".
      Alan Manken was supposed to work on the soundtrack, not sure why they replaced him.

    3. An excellent observation. I always thought the lyrics were very forced and cheap, but I hadn't noticed how many times they used that rhyme.

    4. Thank you, I agree that the lyrics are forced, lines like "Don't know if I'm elate or gassy, but I'm somewhere in that zone", the lyrics are very simplistic. how this soundtrack was sold more then the soundtracks for Tangled or Beauty And The Beast is beyond me.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Ha ha ha, this is better then the real movie:

    1. Ha-ha! I've seen that one. I was so glad to see that I wasn't the only one who noticed how terrible those parents were. :D

    2. Yes, if I didn't said it, I also agree with you and How It Should Have Eneded about how terrible the parents were. they are the real villians of the movie, I think that they are so stupid that they thought if Elsa will keep wearing the gloves all the time and won't use her powers they'll just fade away, they made her hide her powers and never let her try to control them. it's funny that after they died no one mentioned them again, I guess no one liked them. Elsa and Anna just react like they were some far off cousions they met a few times, not their own parents.

      They are like the Blue Fairy in Once Upon A Time, they claim to do things for the greater good but they just like to ruin people's lives, even their own daughter's.

      No one thought that it was strange that they locked the castle? so the castle was always dusty and dirty because they were no servants? there was no food? they are seriously telling us that the king, the queen and the princesses did the laundry?.

      I heard that the movie was supposed to be released in November 2014 but they had a rush schedule so they released it last November, I think they should have took more time and made a better movie.

      Those How It Should Have Ended videos are very funny, the ones for Captain America, Hunger Games, Avatar, Thor, Twilight, The Hobbit, Wizard Of Oz, Lord Of The Rings, Man Of Steel, Titanic and Fast And Furious were hilarious.

    3. I love HISHE. Another group that puts out some real good ones is Honest Trailers. Sometimes I have mixed feelings about their stuff, but overall they're real good.

    4. I like Honest Trailer, some of their trailers are very funny and show what the movie really is (Like their trailers for Iron Man 3, Fast And Furious 6, Avatar, Titanic, The Dark Knight, Man Of Steel, The Hobbit) but in some of them they're just desperately trying to find reasons to mock good movies (Like Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Iron Man, Thor, The Amazing Spider-Man, X-Men Origins: Wolverine), some of their other vidoes aren't very good, I like HISHE better.
      Speaking of which there's one for Frozen, it's funny but I disagree with some parts, they say that Pocahontas and Frozen are better then Tangled, and I disagree, Tangled is much better then both of them.

      About Frozen I decided that it's an just okay movie, because the animation is beautiful, Let It Go and Elsa.
      Before it came out an animator said about Elsa and Anna that it's hard to animate women because "They have to be pretty" which made many people angry, (And it still made too much money) I think he meant they have to be on model but it's funny that he said it's hard to animate them because they look too similar to Rapunzel in my opinion.

  10. I take it back about Honest Trailers, I dislike them a lot, escpically after their videos for Harry Potter and Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland, they were looking for shallow, whiney reasons to mock them.

    CinemaSins have some funny videos, to put it on topic, here's the one for Frozen which made me realize that the movie is even worse then what I remembered from the first time I saw it:
    (Warning! spoilers!):
    I didn't even realized when Elsa defrosted Arandelle they were stading in the middle of the ocean and then all of a sudden they were on a ship.

  11. Did you see the trailer for Big Hero 6? Honey Lemon looks identical to Rapunzel, Elsa and Anna looks too smiliar to her but at least there were some differences and they didn't had much time for Frozen, Big Hero 6 had longer production time so there's no excuse for this. despite that to me personally Big Hero 6 looks really good, even if it might be too similar to WALL-E, The Incredibles and How To Train Your Dragon.

    Something I have to say about Frozen, it's funny how before the movie came out there were bearly any merchanidse and marketing and it looks to me that they had low expections for the movie, that at least it will make as much money as Tangled did and when it became such an hit they suddely make lots of merchandise, like an on ice show, a broadway musical, a cheap sing along show in the Disney parks, they even foucs season 4 of the show Once Upon A Time on the film. and you can see that they came up with it in the last minute.